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    University of Michigan - Flint
  Jul 28, 2017
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2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing (Master of Science in Nursing)

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Full-time Curriculum

A minimum of 43 credits is required to complete the MSN:

Year One

Winter Semester (10 credits)
NSC 503 - Graduate Pathophysiology. 
NSC 504 - Graduate Pharmacology. 
NUR 520 - Physical Diagnosis Adult Theory. 
NUR 595 - Graduate Research Theory I.  

Spring/Summer Semester  (11 credits)
NSC 502 - Graduate Epidemiology.  
NUR 501 - Health Promotion. 
NUR 507 - Dynamics of Family Counseling. 
NUR 521 - Physical Diagnosis Adult – Practicum. 
NUR 596 - Graduate Research Theory II. 

Fall Semester (11 credits)
NUR 524 - Management of Adult Acute/Chronic Problems – Theory. 
NUR 525 - Management of Adult Acute/Chronic Problems – Practicum. 
NUR 531 - Women’s Health. 
NUR 597 - Graduate Research Theory III. 

Year Two

Winter Semester (11 credits)
NUR 510 - Office and Minor Emergency Procedures – Theory & Practicum. 
NUR 535 - Advanced Practice Nursing Care of the Older Adult Theory and Practicum. 
NUR 540 - APRN Role Theory. 
NUR 541 - APRN Role Practicum. 
NUR 598 - Graduate Research Theory IV. 

Transfer Credit

Transfer/Waiver of credit will not be permitted of students that have been accepted into the grant funded MSN program.  Students not admitted to the grant funded MSN program may transfer/waive up to nine hours of graduate credit into the MSN program.  Transfers are made in accordance with the policies for the MSN graduate program committee

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