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    University of Michigan - Flint
  Dec 17, 2017
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technology in Education (Master of Arts)

The Master of Arts in Technology in Education program is designed for individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in the use of technology as it relates to education, and it prepares teachers for Educational Technology endorsement. The program focuses on enactment of innovative projects within learning environments, while providing opportunities for students to create individualized projects and build a network with other innovative educators. Courses in the concentration are offered in a mixed-mode format, which blends Internet-based coursework with limited on-campus meetings. Cognates are selected in consultation with an advisor, and should strengthen subject matter knowledge relevant to the student’s main area of interest and professional goals. Students are responsible for meeting any cognate course prerequisites.

The program is designed for teachers, instructional technologists, educational administrators, and others who seek relevant, practical grounding in tools and concepts related to the use of technology in educational settings. Teaching certification is not required. Students select the thesis option (33 credits) or non-thesis option (36 credits). Individuals who wish to pursue a research career, coordinative/administrative position, and/or doctoral degree in education are encouraged to select the thesis option.


A. Core education courses (6 credits) 
EDE 500 - Contemporary Issues in Learning and Teaching.  or EDE 601 - Contemporary Issues in Educational Policy in a Pluralistic Society.   
     EDE 670 - Research Seminar.  

B. Technology in education strand (18 credits).

  1. EDT 510 - Foundations of Technology in Education. 
    EDT 542 - Educational Project Design. 
    EDT 543 - Advanced Educational Project Design. 
    EDT 660 - Classroom Enactment of Educational Programs.  
  2. Two from:
    EDT 520 - Mentor Seminar for Educational Programs. 
    EDT 521 - Technology Skills for Educators. 
    EDT 544 - Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs. 
    EDT 580 - Independent Study in Technology Education. 
    EDT 640 - Digital Video Production. 
    EDT 641 - Technology: Focus on Literacy Learning and Instruction. 
    EDT 699 - Leadership of Educational Programs.  

C. Cognate courses (6 credits).

Two from: AMC 501 , AMC 502 , AMC 504 , AMC 598 ; ANT 515 ; ARH 509 ; ENG 512 , ENG 533 , ENG 548 , ENG 574 ; HIS 531 , LIN 520 , LIN 521 ; MUS 522 ; POL 501 ; POL 596  / PUB 596  ; PUB 501 , PUB 538 , PUB 550 , PUB 562 , PUB 566 ; PUB 582  / SWR 502 ; SOC 545 , SOC 569 ; THE 534  / ENG 534 ; THE 549 ; WGS 540 . Other courses may be accepted upon approval by the student’s faculty advisor and the Director of Graduate Programs in Education.

D. Thesis or Non-Thesis option (33-36 credits).

  1. Non-Thesis Option (6 credits).
    Additional courses listed under A or B2 above and/or EDE 520 .
  2. Thesis Option (3 credits).
    EDE 698  (prerequisite: completion of at least 24 credit hours).

Technology in Education Global Program
The Technology in Education Global Program is a 15-month cohort program leading to a master’s degree emphasizing meaningful use of technology for teaching topics of global importance.  The program includes two 3-week summer residencies in Geneva, Switzerland, with all other coursework offered online.  Working with partners drawn from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other international institutions, participants design, pilot, and evaluate new educational activities that connect learners to current knowledge and issues.  The program is appropriate for anyone interested in the potential of educational technology at a global level, and it is ideal for educators preparing to take leading roles in schools, colleges, non-governmental organizations, cultural institutions, businesses, and other organizations poised to use technology for educational purposes.  The program is suitable for people working full-time throughout the year; only the 3-week residencies require in-person attendance.


Spring I (online)
EDT 530 - Global Program Seminar. 

Summer I (in Geneva)
EDT 510 - Foundations of Technology in Education. 
EDT 542 - Educational Project Design. 
EDT 640 - Digital Video Production. 

Fall Semester (online)
EDT 585 - Special Topics in Technology Education. 
EDT 660 - Classroom Enactment of Educational Programs. 

Winter Semester (online)
EDE 670 - Research Seminar. 
EDT 585 - Special Topics in Technology Education. 

Spring II (online)
EDE 500 - Contemporary Issues in Learning and Teaching. 

Summer II (in Geneva)
EDT 543 - Advanced Educational Project Design. 
EDT 690 - Global Program Capstone Seminar. 
EDT 699 - Leadership of Educational Programs. 

Educational Technology Certificate Endorsement

For individuals with teaching certificates from the State of Michigan, successful completion of EDT 510 , EDT 520 , EDT 542 , EDT 543 , EDT 640  , EDT 660  and EDE 670  fulfills the State of Michigan requirement for an  endorsement in Educational Technology (coded NP in Michigan).