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2007-2009 Catalog 
2007-2009 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education Teacher’s Certificate Programs

Students wishing to qualify for the Michigan Secondary Provisional Certificate should consult the appropriate departmental advisor.

Requirements in non-education coursework for Teacher’s Certificate Program majors and minors are stated in the various departmental sections. Programs available and their advisors are:

Biology: G. Pace

Chemistry: M. Gebler

Earth Science: R. Repic

English: J. Bernsten, T. Foster

French (see Foreign Language): J. Lawand, P. O’Donnell

History: R. Hanashiro

Mathematics: K. Weller

Music (K-12): L. Alexander

Physics: A. Grafe (CSESP)

Political Science: M. Kahn

Psychology: M. McGrath

Social Studies: T. Robertson (History)

Spanish (see Foreign Language): J. Lawand, P. O’Donnell

Speech (see Theatre): C. Gillespie (THE)

Visual Art (K-12): F. Wagonlander (ART), C. Waters (ART)


  1. PSY 100 
  2. A course in United States history ( HIS 221  are recommended). See the Education Department office or website for the complete list of acceptable courses.
  3. A course in the history or culture of American ethnic minorities: AFA 270 SOC 270 ; AFA 331 ; AFA 334  / HIS 334 ; AFA 305 ; ENG 213 , ENG 374 ; EDE 432  / PUB 438 . (This list is subject to change. See the Education Department office or website for the current list of acceptable courses.)
  4. The departmental prerequisites for the Teacher’s Certificate Program selected.
  5. Completion of a Teacher’s Certificate Program major and Teacher’s Certificate minor.
  6. Satisfactory completion of at least 124 credits of which at least 100 shall be taken in non-education courses and at least 24 in education courses.
  7. In the student’s third and fourth years, the following professional courses are required:
    1. EDS 300 , EDS 302 , EDS 360  .
    2. Methods. One of the following appropriate to the teaching major: EDS 342 , EDS 343 , EDS 344 , EDS 345 , EDS 346 , EDS 347 , EDS 348 .
    3. Student Teaching. EDS 469 , EDS 499 .
    4. Reading improvement. ENG 410  / EDR 445 .
  8. Completion of the requirements listed in the section, “General Requirements for Teacher Certification .”

For the teaching of certain subjects, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools requires a preparation that might be in excess of the requirements for the certification minor. Its requirements, which apply to teachers in any school that is a member of the North Central Association, are revised from time to time.

It is recommended that students request a copy of the North Central Association publication, Policies and Criteria, available from the North Central Association, 950 Victors Way, Suite 50, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108-2736; (734) 998-9300.

In exceptional circumstances, modifications in the requirements for certificate programs and for minors may be made with the approval of the student’s academic advisor and the Chair of the Education Department.