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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Honors Program

International and Global Studies



Honors Program


Honors Program

132 Thopmson Library
Program Director: Dr. Maureen Thum
Administrative Specialist: Laura L. Staudacher
(810) 424 5354

Contact Information
General Information: Honors-Program@umflint.edu
Honors Director: (810) 424 5354 email: mthum@umflint.edu
Administrative Assistant: (810) 424 5354 email: laurast@umflint.edu

Since its founding in 1979, the University of Michigan-Flint Honors Program has offered qualified students the opportunity to enhance their education in the challenging and rewarding atmosphere of small, enriched core classes with close faculty guidance and one-on-one learning and research partnerships with specialists in their field.

The Honors Program is designed to promote education across the disciplines in an environment that emphasizes a high degree of literacy, critical thinking and humanistic and scientific inquiry and to encourage a high level of academic achievement and scholarly research.

Programs in Honors


The University of Michigan-Flint offers two programs in Honors:

  • The four-year University Honors Program . This program, designed for entering freshmen, consists of a Freshman/Sophomore phase and a Junior/Senior phase, parallels the regular university non-honors curriculum from freshman through senior years.
  • The Junior/Senior transfer University Honors Program . This program, designed for transfer students and students who do not apply to the Honors Program until the end of their sophomore year, parallels the second phase of the four-year Honors Program and includes similar requirements.

Note: Honors courses are fully complementary to the regular non-honors degree program. With few exceptions, students in the Honors Program are not required to complete additional or “add-on” courses – that is, courses taken in addition to the regular requirements for graduation. In the Freshman/Sophomore phase of the program, the core Honors courses also fulfill general education requirements (ENG 111 , ENG 112 , humanities, and social sciences). In the Junior/Senior phase of the program, Honors courses fulfill the requirements for upper-level courses (those numbered 300 or higher) in the major area of concentration.


International and Global Studies (INT)

International and Global Studies Program (INT)

521 French Hall
(810) 237-6580

Program Director: Ananthakrishnan Aiyer (SOC) 

Program Faculty: Dauda Abubakar (AFA/POL), Jennifer Alvey (WGS/SOC), John Ellis (HIS), Ernest Emenyonu (AFA), Lauren Friesen (THE), Guluma Gemeda (AFA), Lixing Han (MTH), Kazuko Hiramatsu (ENG/LIN), Adam Lutzker (ECN), Seyed Mehdian (SOM), Derwin Munroe (POL), Richard Hill-Rowley (ERS), Kathryn Schellenberg (SOC), Sharman Siebenthal (EDU), Maureen Tippen (NUR), Sapna Vyas (EDU).

The International and Global Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program that aims at providing students with a framework for focusing on international issues and global trends. The Program has grown out of the conviction that International and Global Studies merits its own focus. The purpose of the Program is to enable students to gain a global perspective of human beliefs and practices in the past and present; to appreciate the cultural diversity of the World; to discern global patterns and processes (economic, political, technological, environmental,etc.) and to understand their impact on particular regions. Students can major in one of the existing majors (e.g., anthropology, history, management, or nursing) with a minor in International and Global Studies.

The Program’s courses are intended to provide students with a global perspective at three levels: chronological, spatial, and thematic. The Program is enriched by study abroad courses and by the opportunity for students to study at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities located in Hikone, Japan. Students will earn University of Michigan-Flint credits by participating in University of Michigan- Flint sponsored study abroad courses. The Program is enhanced further by co-sponsoring events with the International Center, International Student Organization and by a variety of extracurricular activities, including lecture and film series.

Programs in International and Global Studies

A Minor in International and Global Studies  and an Honors Minor in International and Global Studies  are available.