Aug 12, 2020  
2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Abbreviations


ACC Accounting
ADM Arts Administration
AFA Africana Studies
AGE Aging
AMC American Culture
ANE Anesthesia
ANT Anthropology
ARB Arabic
ARH Art History
ASL American Sign Language
AST Astronomy
AUE Automotive Engineering
BAS Applied Sciences
BIO Biology
BUS Business
CAS College of Arts and Sciences
CDR Crisis Intervention and Disaster Response
CHM Chemistry
CHN Mandarin Chinese
CIS Computer Information Systems
COM Communication
CPL Comparative Literature
CRJ Criminal Justice
CSC Computer Science
DAN Dance
ECE Early Childhood Education
ECN Economics
EDE Elementary Education
EDL Education Leadership
EDM Mathematics Education
EDN Education - Special Education
EDR Reading & Language Arts
EDS Secondary Education
EDT Technology Education
EGR Engineering
EHS School of Education and Human Services Courses  
EIM Entrepreneurship & Innovation
ENG English
ENV Environmental Studies
FFS French and Francophone Studies
FIN Finance
FOR Foreign Languages
FRN French
GEO Physical Geography
GER German
HCR Health Care
HED Health Education
HIS History  
HLS Hispanic Language and Literature Studies  
HON Honors
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies
INB International Business
INT International and Global Studies
JPN Japanese
JRN Journalism
LAT Latin
LIN Linguistics
MES “Middle Eastern” Studies
MGT Management
MKT Marketing
MTH Mathematics
MTP Medical Technology
MUS Music
NSC Nursing Support Course
NUR Nursing
PHL Philosophy
PHS Public Health Science
PHY Physics
POL Political Science
PSY Psychology
PTP Physical Therapy
PUB Public Administration
RPL Resource Planning
RTT Radiation Therapy
RUS Russian
SAT Substance Abuse Treatment
SCI Science
SEC Secondary Education
SOC Sociology
SPN Spanish
SSC Social Science
SST Social Studies
SWR Social Work
THE Theatre
UNV First Year Experience
WGS Women’s and Gender Studies