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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs of Study

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Accounting BBA 120 - - BBA
Actuarial Mathematics BS 124 - - -
Africana Studies BA 120 Yes - BA
Aging/Gerontology  or a Specialist in Aging Certificate     Yes -  
American Literature (English) - - Yes - -
Anthropology BA 120 Yes - BA
Applied Psychology BS 124 - - BS
Applied Science BAS 124 - - BA
Argumentation and Advocacy - - Yes - -
Art-Visual Arts Education BS 126 - BS BS
Art-Studio Art BFA 124 Yes - BFA
Art/Art History - - Yes - -
Biochemistry BS 124 - - BS
Biology BS 124 Yes - BS
British Literature (English) - - Yes - -
Business BBA 120 Yes - BBA
Chemistry BA/BS 120/124 Yes - BS
Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology BS 124 - - -
Communication BA 120 Yes - BA
Computer Science BS 124 Yes - BS
Computer Information Systems BS 124 Yes - -
Criminal Justice BA 120 - - BA
Crisis Intervention and Disaster Response - - Yes - -
Dance - - Yes - -
Earth Science - - Yes Minor* -
Economics BA/BS** 120/124 Yes - BA/BS**
Education, Elementary  BS 128 - BS BS
Education, Secondary BA/BS 124 - BA/BS BS
Energy and Sustainable Systems BS 124 - - -
Engineering BS 124 - - BS
English BA 120 - BA/Minor BA
English, Specialization in Composition Studies
    & Foundation of Writing Instruction
- - Yes - -
English, Specialization in Creative Writing - - Yes - -
English, Specialization in Linguistics BA 120 - - -
English, Specialization in Writing BA 120 Yes - -
English, Specialization in Technical
    & Professional Writing
- - Yes - -
Entrepreneurship - - Yes - -
Environmental Health - - Yes - -
Environmental Science & Planning BS 124 - - BS
Environmental Studies - - Yes - -
Field Biology - - Yes - -
Finance BBA 120 Yes - BBA
French BA 120 Yes BA/Minor BA
French and Francophone Studies - - Yes - -
French and International Studies BA 120 - - -
French and Linguistics BA 120 - - -
Geographic Information Science - - Yes - -
Health Care Administration BS 124 Yes - BS
Health Education BS 124 - - BS
Health Education & Behavior - - Yes - -
Health Science BS 124 - - BS
Hispanic Language and Literary Studies - - Yes - -
History BA 120 Yes BA/Minor BA
Human Biology BA 120 - - -
Human Resources Management - - Yes - -
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS 120 - - -
International Business BBA 120 - -  
International and Global Studies - - Yes - -
Journalism BA 120 Yes - BA
Law and Society - - Yes - -
Linguistics (English) - - Yes - -
Management BBA 120 - - -
Marketing BBA 120 Yes - BBA
Mathematics BA/BS 120/124 Yes BA/BS/Minor BA/BS
Mechanical Engineering BSE 129 -   -   -
Middle Eastern Studies - - Yes - -
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology BS 124 - - -
Music BA 120 Yes - BA
Music Education BME 122 - BME BME
Music Performance BS 124 - - -
Music Theatre - - Yes - -
Natural History BA 120 - - -
Nursing BSN 120 - - BSN
Philosophy BA 120 Yes - BA
Philosophy, Emphasis in Ethics, Social and Political BA 120 - - -
Philosophy & Psychology BA 120 - - -
Physical Geography - - Yes - -
Physics BA/BS 120/124 Yes - BA
Political Science BA 120 Yes - BA
Psychology BA 120 Yes Minor BA/BS
Public Administration BA 120 Yes - BA
Public Health Sciences - - Yes - -
Radiation Therapy BS 130 - - -
Religious Studies - - Yes - -
Research Psychology BS 124 - - -
Social Sciences, Joint Programs BA 120 - - -
Social Studies - - - BA -
Social Work BSW 124 - - BA
Sociology BA 120 Yes - BA
Spanish BA 120 Yes BA/Minor BA
Spanish and International Studies BA 120 - - -
Spanish and Linguistics BA 120 - - -
Speech - - - BA/Minor BA
Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention - - Yes - -
Theatre BA 120 Yes - BA
Theatre Design and Technology BS 124 - - BS
Theatre Performance BFA 126  -  - -
Visual Communication BFA 124 Yes - BFA
Wildlife Biology BS 124 - - BS
Women’s and Gender Studies - - Yes -


*The program in Earth Science has been placed in moratorium.  This means that for an unspecified length of time the Departments are not accepting new students.
**Pending approval by President’s Council.
***Pending approval by HLC.



BA Bachelor of Arts BAS Bachelor of Applied Science
BS Bachelor of Science BME Bachelor of Music Education
BIS Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies BSE Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts BSW Bachelor of Social Work





 Bachelor of Science /Master of Science  
    Computer Science  





Master of Arts Administration

Master of Liberal Studies

  Museum and Visual Arts     American Culture                                                                                                                    
  Performance   Theatre and Community

Master of Arts in Education

Master of Public Administration 
  Specialization in Early Childhood Education   General Program in Public Administration
  Specialization in Literacy Education   Concentration in Administration of Nonprofit Agencies
  Specialization in Technology in Education   Concentration in Criminal Justice Administration
  Specialization in Special Education   Concentration in Educational Administration

Master of Arts in Elementary Education with Teacher Certification

  Concentration in Health Care Administration
Master of Arts in Secondary Education with Teacher Certification Master of Public Health
      Health Education Track
      Health Administration Track

Master of Arts in English

Master of Science in Anesthesia

  Concentration in American Literature Master of Science in Biochemistry
  Concentration in British Literature

Master of Science in Biology

  Concentration in Composition and Rhetoric Master of Science in Chemistry
  Concentration in Creative Writing

Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems

  Concentration in Linguistics and Language

Master of Science in Health Education

  Concentration in Multicultural Literature

Master of Science in Nursing

  Concentration in Pedagogy in English  

Concentration in Adult Nurse Practitioner

  Concentration in Twentieth-Century Studies

Master of Business Administration

  Concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies  

General Program in Business Administration

Master of Arts in Mathematics                                                      

Concentration in Accounting

Master of Arts in Social Sciences


Concentration in Computer Information Systems

  Global Studies Track

Concentration in Finance

  Gender Studies Track

Concentration in Health Care Management

  US History & Politics Track  

Concentration in International Business


Concentration in Marketing

      Concentration in Lean Manufacturing
    Concentration in Organizational Leadership

Post Masters

Doctoral - Professional

  Doctor of Anesthesia Practice***

Education Specialist

Doctor of Nursing Practice 

  Curriculum and Instruction Adult Nurse Practitioner Track
  Education Leadership Family Nurse Practitioner Track
    Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Track

Doctor of Physical Therapy

  Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy


Clinical Physical Therapy Certificates 
      Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy 


Pre-Professional Studies


For information on preparation for study in Dentistry, Law, Medicinal Chemistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy, Radiation Therapy and Veterinary Medicine, consult the Index.

Programs of Study


Undergraduate Study

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate programs of study lead to the degrees Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS), Bachelor of Music Education (BME), and Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) from the College of Arts and Sciences; Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from the School of Education and Human Services; Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the School of Health Professions and Studies; and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the School of Management. A comprehensive guide to programs and degrees is provided in the chart at the beginning of this Catalog section. See the following section for General Education Program information. Students must consult Catalog sections for the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education and Human Services, the School of Health Professions and Studies, or the School of Management for additional regulations and requirements.

Graduation Requirements

Requirements for graduation include:

  1. Completion of 120 or more credits. The number of credits needed varies with the degree sought and the concentration program pursued.
  2. Completion of the General Education Requirements. (See the “General Education Program” section of this Catalog.)
  3. Completion of the additional requirements for a degree and a concentration program.
  4. Completion of a minimum number of credits in upper division courses (courses numbered 300 or above). Since this minimum number varies among academic units and programs, the student should consult the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education and Human Services, the School of Health Professions and Studies, or the School of Management, and also the requirements of the intended concentration program.
  5. Maintenance of a minimum 2.0 overall grade point average. Higher grade point averages are required by many programs.
  6. Maintenance of a minimum 2.0 grade point average in the major, minor and/or concentration.
  7. Completion of at least 45 credits while enrolled at the University of Michigan-Flint.
  8. Completion of all coursework. Course grades of “I” (incomplete), “*” (grade not yet submitted), or “Y” (in-progress) must be replaced with a final grade to confirm completion.
  9. Students must complete the final 30 credits at UM-Flint.
  10. Submission of the application for the diploma.

Graduate Study

See the “Graduate Study ” section in the back of this Catalog.

Office of Extended Learning

241 David M. French Hall
(810) 762-3200 or (866) 762-2177
Fax: (810) 766-6803
Email: olhelp@umflint.edu
Website: http://oel.umflint.edu

Director: Deborah White
Academic Online Programs: Nick Gaspar, Theresa Stevens, Andrea Becker, Mary Garrett, Ph.D.
Noncredit Professional Development Programs: Terri Blackwell,
Technical & Support Staff: Carson Waites, Zoe Lazar-Hale, Charles Wright
Secretarial Staff: Krista Heiser, Jessica Monschau

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Extended Learning is to provide nontraditional learning opportunities for academic and professional enrichment to serve lifelong learners. In collaboration with the UM-Flint community, OEL will expand alternative methods of educational delivery based on sound pedagogy and the University of Michigan’s high-quality standards and traditions.

Online Academic Course Offerings

OEL facilitates the development of online academic courses, which may be offered fully online or in mixed-mode requiring a few visits to campus. All academic online courses are instructor-led using the Web-based Blackboard course management system. In addition, many faculty in face-to-face classes use Blackboard to make assignments, documents, discussions and grades available to students via the Web.  Online courses offered by UM-Dearborn’s College of Arts, Sciences and Letters may be included in UM-Flint’s degree programs.  See the full list at http://www.umflint.edu/oel/umd/.

Online and Mixed-mode Academic Programs

  • Africana Studies Certificate (fully online)
  • Bachelor of Arts (upper level courses fully online) in journalism
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (upper level courses fully online)
  • Master of Arts in Education–Technology in Education (mixed-mode)
  • Master of Arts in Education–Technology in Education Global Program (online with two 3-week summer residencies in Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Master of Public Administration with a concentration in education administration (includes monthly Saturday sessions)
  • NetPlus! Master of Business Administration (includes a weekend campus session every six weeks)
  • RN-to-BSN (fully online)
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (fully online)
  • Post-professional Transitional DPT (fully online)

Satellite Locations

  • Lansing Community College:  Transfer students may complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Bachelor of Science in health care administration on the campus of LCC.
  • St. Clair County Community College:  Transfer students may complete a Bachelor of Arts in psychology on the St. Clair campus, and may also combine the degree with an online minor in business administration or substance abuse.

Student Support

OEL provides on-campus orientation sessions for students new to online learning prior to the start of each semester, and has a ” Tech PowerPack” tab in Blackboard with software downloads. OEL also staffs a help desk for online students, (810) 237-6691, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 1 a.m., Saturdays, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., and Sundays, 10 a.m.-11 p.m. 

Non-Credit Professional Development

OEL provides professional development courses and certificate programs for accountants, business and healthcare professionals, and K-12 teachers and administrators. K-12 courses are approved by the Michigan Department of Education for State Board continuing education units (SB-CEUs).  OEL is also a provider of CEUs for the International Association of Continuing Education and Training.

Additional Non-Credit Programs  OEL

OEL also has the capability to customize training programs for business, industry, labor, public and not-for-profit and professional organizations.