Jul 26, 2021  
2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Economics (ECN)

220 David M. French Hall
(810) 762-3280
Fax: (810) 762-3281

Chair: Adam Lutzker
Administrative Assistant: Judy J. Bedore
Professors Tevfik F. Nas; Associate Professor Adam Lutzker; Assistant Professors Christopher Douglas, Amelia Biehl; Lecturers Paula Nas, Scott Darragh, William DeFrance, Karen Schultes.
Professors Emeriti Virgil M. Bett, Lubomyr M. Kowal, Nallapu N. Reddy
Associate Professor Emeritus Charles T. Weber

Economics is a social science that deals with many of society’s most difficult problems, such as inflation, unemployment, pollution and poverty. As a problem-based discipline, the study of economics enables students to acquire the analytical skills and methodology applicable to a variety of career options. Economics graduates are in demand in such fields as banking, finance, insurance, and in government and industry. In addition, training in economics provides an excellent background for professional education in law and in graduate schools of business and public administration.

Department Mission and Program Assessment

Deeply committed to academic excellence, the Economics Department is dedicated to a curriculum that has a heavy emphasis on theory, quantitative methods, and applied electives. The curriculum is designed to provide students with both the fundamental background and the specialized knowledge needed for analyzing and understanding major economic issues and achieving their goals, such as obtaining positions in business and government and gaining admission to graduate programs in economics, business, law, and related fields. The Department participates in the University-wide effort to assess its academic programs. Information on assessment plans, including goals, methods and outcomes is available at http://www.umflint.edu/assessment.

Programs in Economics

Two concentration programs are offered, both leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree: the General Program in Economics  and the Honors Program in Economics . A Minor in Economics  is also available.