May 30, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors Program of the University of Michigan-Flint (HON)

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138 Thompson Library
Program Director: Dr. Maureen Thum
Program Manager: Laura L. Staudacher
Phone: (810) 424 5354
Fax: (810) 762 3214

Contact Information
General Information:
Honors Director: (810) 424 5354 email:
Program Manager: (810) 424 5354 email:


The University of Michigan-Flint Honors Program offers high achieving students challenging core courses with close faculty guidance, one-on-one learning, and research partnerships with specialists, on campus and abroad.


To foster cross-disciplinary perspectives in our students and cooperation among the schools, colleges, departments, and programs throughout the university community by:

  • promoting the building of bridges across the disciplines through learning partnerships with faculty
  • encouraging students to undertake applied and theoretical research, and creative endeavors, in their area of concentration
  • fostering excellence in teaching and learning through high impact educational practices
  • nurturing civic and community minded students through service at the university and in society 


The Honors Program is dedicated to the following goals:

  • promoting cross-disciplinary high impact education in an environment that emphasizes literacy, critical thinking, and humanistic and scientific inquiry
  • encouraging a high level of academic achievement and scholarly research among our students
  • fostering a sensitive understanding and respect for social, cultural, and ethnic diversity
  • nurturing informed, well-educated leaders, who are actively engaged citizens in their immediate and wider social community

Programs in Honors


The University of Michigan-Flint offers two programs in Honors:

  • The four-year University Honors Program. This program, designed for entering freshmen, consists of a Freshman/Sophomore phase and a Junior/Senior phase, parallels the regular university non-honors curriculum from freshman through senior years.
  • The Junior/Senior transfer University Honors Program. This program, designed for transfer students and students who do not apply to the Honors Program until the end of their sophomore year, parallels the second phase of the four-year Honors Program and includes similar requirements.

Honors courses are fully complementary to the regular non-honors degree program. With few exceptions, students in the Honors Program are not required to complete additional or “add-on” courses - that is, courses taken in addition to the regular requirements for graduation. In the Freshman/Sophomore phase of the program, the core Honors courses also fulfill general education requirements (ENG 111, ENG 112, humanities, global studies, and social sciences). In the Junior/Senior phase of the program, Honors courses fulfill the requirements for upper-level courses (those numbered 300 or higher) in the major area of concentration.

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