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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Health and Health Sciences Department (PHHS)

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3124 William S. White Building
(810) 762-3172
Fax: (810) 762-3003

Assistance & Information Requests  PHHS-Info@umich.edu

Department Director  Shan Parker, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Anesthesia Program Director  Gena Welch, DrAP, CRNA

Radiation Therapy Program Director  Julie Hollenbeck, M.Ed., R.T.(T)

Respiratory Therapy Program Manager  Nicholas Prush, MHA, RRT-ACCS

Professors Robert Buckingham, Suzanne Selig

Associate Professors Gergana Kodjebacheva, Lisa Lapeyrouse, Shan Parker, Rie Suzuki

Assistant Professors Reza Amini, Maximiliano Mendieta, Michelle Sahli

Clinical Assistant Professors Amy Franckowiak, Julie Hollenbeck, Gena Welch

Lecturers Brendon Beede, Dan Borton, Molly Brennan, Laurie Brewis, Shannon Brownlee, Mary Burns, Lisa Campo-Englestein, Carrie Chanter, Chris Clolinger, Jake Collins, Andrea DeSantis, Amy Dorr, Thomas Downs, Anthony Drautz, Tina Eisenbeis, Thomas Fockler, Marcia Gauthier, Patrice Hatcher, Laurel Hilliker, Larry Hrinik, Elizabeth Jordan, Traci Kim, Theresa Landis, Ervin Leavy, Fatema Mamou, Bonnie McIntosh, Jon Morey, Pat Murtha, Sarah Parker, Gary Parr, John Rzyhak, Artina Sadler, Dale Sanders, Amber Shewalter, Amanda Smith, Brent Smith, Rodlescia Sneed, Shane Spaulding, Leigh-Anne Stafford, LaRhonda Stallings, Larry Stump, Christopher Swanson, Erik Taipalus, Bruce Trevithick, Jyothi Thrivikraman, Mark Valacak, Harland Verrill, Jessica Viertlboeck, Cass Wisniewski.

The public health and health sciences programs are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of student interest including:

  1. community health education and health promotion;
  2. administration, management and supervision in provision of health services;
  3. preparation for professional health sciences programs including environmental health, radiation therapy physical therapy, physician assistant and;
  4. pre-professional training in clinical laboratory science/medical technology. 

Department Mission 

We are a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals committed to developing culturally competent scholars who advocate for fairness and equity in health.

Program Assessment

The Department and its programs participate in the University-wide effort to assess its academic programs. Information on individual program assessment plans; including goals, methods and outcomes is available at http://www.umflint.edu/assessment.

Professional Development of Students

The faculty of the Public Health and Health Sciences Department strongly encourages active student participation and engagement in professional organizations as a foundation for continued professional growth and development. Such involvement exposes students to current issues in their field, assists in the development of professional networks, and allows for participation in professional conferences at a pivotal point in the development of their careers. To this end, the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences sponsors several student organizations: Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG), Lambda Nu, the Physical Therapy-Health Education and Rehabilitation Treatment (PT HEART) student-led organization and clinic, Public Health Student Organization (PHSO), Upsilon Phi Delta (UPD), and the Radiation Therapy Student Organization (RTSO).  

Declaring a Major in PHHS

To declare a major in the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences, students must complete MTH 090 with a C (2.0) or better or place out of MTH 090 on the math placement test prior to declaring major.

Double Majoring in PHHS

Students wishing to complete a double major to include two programs offered within the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences must complete all requirements for each major, separate internships (where applicable), and different health care electives (where applicable) - all electives to include courses not required by either major. 

Please visit the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences (PHHS) website for additional PHHS policies. 

Program Areas

The Public Health and Health Services Department offers health-related programs in a variety of areas:

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