Jun 25, 2022  
2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry and Biochemistry (CMB)

556 William R. Murchie Science Building
(810) 762-3275
Fax: (810) 766-6693

Chair: Jessica Kelts
Administrative Support Staff:
Public Relations and Advising: Carly Byrne
Personnel/Course Scheduling: Denise Taft
Laboratory Supervisor: Monique Wilhelm

Laboratory Classroom Services Coordinator: Breann Hewitt

Professor Jie Song; Associate Professors Jessica Kelts, Nicholas Kingsley, Jessica Tischler; Assistant Professors Matthew Fhaner, Justin Massing, Besa Xhabija; Lecturers Darya Howell, Douglas Herzog, Marina Ionina-Prasov, Zahra Nossoni, Steven Toth, Tayseer Wasif; Professor Emeritus Dr. Virgil W. Cope, Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert M. Kren, Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert W. Stach.

Chemistry is unique among the natural sciences because it has its own special viewpoint for examining matter and the changes that matter undergoes. The study of chemistry or biochemistry can prepare you for a career in chemistry or biochemistry or for further work in chemistry-related areas, such as materials science, one of the biomedical sciences, bioengineering, chemical engineering, food science, pharmacology, toxicology, oceanography or marine science. You may also use an education in chemistry or biochemistry to pursue admission to law, medical, dental, osteopathic or veterinary school or professional studies in other health-related areas. If you have a specific career goal, you should consult a department advisor.

The American Chemical Society through its Committee on Professional Training has certified three of our programs or options: B.S. Chemistry, B.S Green Chemistry, and B.S. Biochemistry, general concentration. The address for the American Chemical Society is 1155 Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036; phone (202) 872-4589.

The Department adheres to the use of letter grades and their descriptions as set forth in the College of Arts and Sciences section of the Catalog. It should, however, be understood that the Department attaches the following advisory meanings to grades: “A,” approved without reservation for further work in the subject; “B,” approved for further work; “C,” or “P,” capable of further work; “D,” unready for further work; “E” or “N,” not accepted for further work. Students should be advised that two grades of “C-” or worse in the progression of prerequisite courses leading to a particular course at the 300+ level will result in a Departmental review and possible refusal of admission to that course.

Department and Program Missions


Chemistry department vision:

Provide students with an engaging curriculum and student-centered, faculty-guided mentor-ship through the transforming power of chemistry.


Our Green Chem Mission:

The Green Chemistry Program educates chemists to be ambassadors for the safer and sustainable design of chemicals and processes. Graduates will use interdisciplinary skills to responsibly shape the environmental, social, and economic impacts of chemistry.


Chemistry program BA Mission:

The chemistry BA program provides a customizable curriculum with chemistry fundamentals at its core.  Students will gain broad experience in the classroom and laboratory with the aim of preparing them for a variety of science professions.


Chemistry program BS Mission:

The chemistry BS program provides a curriculum inspired by the traditional coursework of the chemistry, math, and physics, guided by the American Chemical Society.  Students will be given in-depth knowledge with versatility to tailor their degree to creatively address the fundamental challenges of professional chemists now and in the future.


Biochemistry program BS Mission:

The biochemistry BS program provides a foundation in the traditional areas of chemistry with emphasis on the chemistry of living systems. Students will be immersed in project-based laboratory courses focused on advanced and modern biochemical methodologies to prepare them for their individual career path.