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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education (EDU)

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Education Department program offerings are designed to assist current and prospective educators in acquiring the skills and abilities necessary for excellence in teaching.  In addition, Education Department programs allow elementary and secondary prospective teachers to meet requirements for Michigan Teacher Certification.

Students must be formally admitted to the program for which they have completed degree requirements to be recommended for graduation.

Endorsement and certification programs must be responsive to changes mandated by the Michigan Department of Education. Students should consult their academic advisor for the most current information.  It is expected that students meet with their advisor every semester throughout their program of study. Special announcements, such as orientation meetings and changes in course scheduling, are sent to students’ university email accounts and posted outside the Education Department office. 


The mission of the Education Department is to prepare teachers and educational personnel who: understand and value the disciplines they teach; comprehend psychological principles and the variations of human development; recognize the historical, sociological, political and philosophical factors that promote equal educational opportunity; possess the pedagogical-content knowledge necessary to make appropriate instructional decisions that promote reflective thinking, problem solving, and critical inquiry; discern the ethical obligations of professional educators; and demonstrate their ability to use their knowledge in working with children.

Initial Teacher Education Programs

The Education Department offers the Elementary Education General Program (BS) and the Elementary Education Honors Program (BS), both focused on PK-3 and 3-6 grade band teacher certification, with an optional specialization in Early Childhood Education, and several Secondary and K-12 Teacher’s Certificate Programs.  A secondary education initial teacher certification is also offered through the Master of Arts with Certification (MAC) graduate program.

All teacher candidates should familiarize themselves with the information presented in the Information for Teacher Certification  section of this Catalog.

Other Undergraduate Programs

Also available are a program in Early Childhood Studies and an Early Childhood Studies Minor for non-education majors.

Graduate Programs

Education graduate degree programs provide advanced study for persons who wish to enhance their knowledge base and professional background in educational fields.

All Education graduate programs are designed to offer students:

  • Awareness of the unique characteristics and needs of diverse student populations
  • Understanding of principles of motivation and learning and how these translate into the classroom
  • Awareness of the historical, sociological, political, and philosophical factors that promote equal educational opportunity
  • Opportunity to examine school and classroom environments and to develop strategies that will both improve instruction in elementary and secondary school settings and enhance University/school partnership opportunities
  • Enhanced skills as instructional decision makers
  • Theoretical and practical information on both integrated and discipline-based curriculum models
  • Pedagogical-content knowledge necessary to make appropriate instructional decisions
  • Exposure to current research and theory in education
  • Knowledge and experience with a variety of educational research techniques
  • Opportunity to enhance multidisciplinary understandings through integrated and cross-discipline study

A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (B) and passing grades in all courses are required for all programs.  When a graduate course is repeated (due to a poor grade), both grades are listed on the transcript and averaged into the cumulative GPA. Individual programs may have additional grade requirements.

All graduate level courses are numbered 500 and higher and are open only to graduate students.

The Education Department offers a Master of Arts with Secondary Education Certification (MAC)  program and a Master of Arts in Educational Administration  program.

The Education Department offers a post-master’s Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)  program and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)  program in Education Leadership.


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