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2007-2009 Catalog 
2007-2009 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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This program is for students who plan to enter the Basic BSN program. Students seeking admission to the Pre-Nursing Program must meet University of Michigan-Flint admission requirements. Application may be made at any time after the beginning of the senior year of high school. The Department of Nursing highly recommends high school college preparatory courses in biology, chemistry, English, and mathematics.

Upon admission to the University, Pre-Nursing Program students are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students entering the Pre-Nursing Program in the College of Arts and Sciences should be aware that such admission does not insure their acceptance in the Basic BSN Program. Admission to the Basic BSN Program is selective. To learn details of the application and selection processes, prospective applicants are encouraged to attend Department of Nursing Information Meetings. These are held regularly throughout the school year. Contact the department for scheduled times.

Prerequisite Courses for the Basic BSN program.

Four (4) of the below listed prerequisites courses listed below are required before applying to the Nursing Program (at least two of the first four courses must be sciences). All are required before beginning.

Completion of 4 of the courses listed below, including at least 2 in the sciences, with grades of at least C+ (2.3) is required before applying to the Nursing Program. Completion of all courses with grades of at least C+ (2.3) is required before beginning.

BIO 135  Microbiology Basics (4)
BIO 167  Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4)
BIO 168  Human Anat & Phys II (4)
CHM 150  General Chem. for Health Sciences (3)
CHM 151  Gen Chem Lab for Health Sciences (1)
ENG 111  College Rhetoric (3)
ENG 112  Critical Writing/Reading (3)
PSY 237  Developmental Psych (3)
NUR 110  Introduction to Professional Nursing (2)


  • BIO 167  and BIO 168  must both be taken at the same institution.
  • SWR 301  may also be accepted in place of PSY 237 .
  • Science credits must be no more than seven years old.
  • CHM 150  / CHM 151  waived if approved by Chemistry Department to enter CHM 252.

In addition, the following courses are a part of the Basic BSN Program Core Nursing Curriculum, but may be taken before entry into the program: CHM 252 ; NSC 168 , NSC 207 , NSC 209 , NSC 233 ; NUR 308 . A few nursing electives (NUR courses numbered between 350 and 399) may also be taken before beginning the program. Minimum grades of C+ (2.3) or higher are required for progression in the program. See this Catalog for course descriptions and information on nursing elective classes.

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