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2007-2009 Catalog 
2007-2009 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registered Nurses: RN/BSN

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For Students Who Already Have an RN License

Persons interested in applying for admission to the RN/BSN Program should contact the Department of Nursing office to obtain the appropriate forms and information. An application to the University must be completed and returned to the University of Michigan-Flint Admissions Office of Admissions. (This may be done online.) Official copies of transcripts must be sent to the Office of Admissions. The Performance Evaluation and proof of RN license must be sent to the Department of Nursing. All materials should be received no less than one month prior to the term for which the candidate is seeking admission. The University of Michigan-Flint has a revolving admission policy, which allows prospective students to be admitted in fall, winter, spring or summer. RN students completing prerequisites to the RN/BSN Program will be admitted to the School of Health Professions and Studies (SHPS) as a pre-RN/BSN major. Formal admission to the RN/BSN Program is determined by the Department of Nursing upon completion of all prerequisite courses. RNs must have earned at least a 2.75 GPA in the ADN program, have a current RN license, and a satisfactory performance evaluation in order to be admitted to the RN/BSN program. If candidates do not initially meet the grade point average requirements, they will be required to complete 9 credits of coursework at the University of Michigan-Flint with a 3.0 or better GPA before beginning the RN/BSN core curriculum.

Degree requirements must be completed within seven years of admission to the RN/BSN Program. Credit in nursing and in non-nursing courses may be acquired through transfer of credits, credit by examination (CBE), and by course enrollment. Students must earn grades of C+ (2.3) or higher in CHM 252, NSC 207, 209, 233, NSC/PHL 168 and all NUR courses to be eligible for progression from semester to semester. Students must also earn a grade of C+ (2.3) or higher in all prerequisite courses. Students are required to participate in periodic program assessment, which enables the Department to test the efficacy of the curriculum.

Credit by Examination

The earning of credit by examination (CBE) is based on the premise that the knowledge and skills acquired through course completion may be validated in other ways. Passing a standardized examination validates mastery of subject matter of the course. Credit may be earned by successful completion of the examinations for NSC 207, 209, and 233. Each examination may be taken no more than twice. If a student does not pass an exam on the second attempt, enrollment in the course is required. There is a fee for each exam attempt.

Advanced Placement

In an effort to support transition to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, the Department of Nursing will validate 34 credits from your RN program as University of Michigan-Flint institutional credit.


  1. Completion of the following prerequisite courses with grades of C+ (2.3) or better:
    Before Semester 1 NUR courses: ENG 111  (3), ENG 112  (3); BIO 167  (4), BIO 168  (4).
    Pre or co-requisite to Semester 1: NUR 202  (3); SWR 270  (3) or NUR 308  (3) or PSY 201  (3) or SOC 210  (3).
    Pre or co-requisite to Semester 2: SWR 301  (3) or PSY 237  (3); NSC 168  (3) (preferred) or PHL 162  or HCR 304 .
    Prerequisite to Semester 3: NSC 207  (3), NSC 209  (3), NSC 233  (3) (all available by credit-by-exam).
  2. The School of Health Profession and Studies general education requirements as found in the General Education Program section of this Catalog.
  3. Core Nursing Curriculum:
    Semester 1: NUR 300  (3).
    Semester 2: NUR 255  (2), NUR 369  (3) (if not taken earlier).
    Semester 3: NUR 421  (2), NUR 430 * (5).
    Semester 4: NUR 407  (2), NUR 410 * (6).
    *NUR 410 and 430 are clinical courses; each requires six hours per week in the clinical setting.
  4. Two electives (4 cr. total) from NUR 350-399; NUR 499 .
  5. A 3-credit course relating to cultural studies. (Consult with Nursing (NUR)  for a list of approved courses).

Course Credit Ratios (Basic BSN and RN/BSN)

Lecture and seminar course credit is a 1:1 ratio, which is standard for the University of Michigan-Flint: for each credit earned, one 50-minute hour is allocated. Practicum course credit is a 2:1 ratio, two 60-minute hours of contact per week for each credit earned. Clinical course credit is a 3:1 ratio, three 60-minute contact hours per week for each clinical credit earned. Lab course credit is a 2:1 ratio, two 60-minute contact hours per week for each lab credit earned. Independent study credit is a 3:1 ratio.

Lecture courses: NSC 168 , NSC 207 , NSC 208 , NSC 209 , NSC 233 , NSC 234 ; NUR 110 , NUR 255 , NUR 300 , NUR 308 , NUR 310 , NUR 407 , NUR 421 .

Seminar/Clinical course: NUR 435  .

Lecture/Lab course: NUR 202 .

Lecture/Clinical courses: NUR 220 , NUR 250 , NUR 320 , NUR 330 , NUR 335 , NUR 405 , NUR 410 , NUR 430 .

Independent study courses: NUR 399  , NUR 499 .

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