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2007-2009 Catalog 
2007-2009 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing MSN

Admission Requirements
For Students with a BSN

  • 3 or more credits of college level chemistry (C+ or better)
  • College level statistics (C+ or better)
  • Current Michigan RN license
  • Written statement of professional philosophy
  • Written statement of goals
  • 3 letters of selected professional references
  • Interview with Graduate Faculty
  • 3.0 Undergraduate GPA

Additional Requirements
For Students who do not have a BSN degree

  • Letter of Intent
  • Undergraduate Research*
  • Undergraduate Bioethics*
  • Basic Health Assessment*
  • NUR 300 *
  • NUR 410 *

*Grade of B or better required.

Part-Time Curriculum

A minimum of 40 credits is required to complete the MSN.
ANP-40 credits
FNP-49 credits
PMHNP- 53 credits.

Year One:
Fall Semester
NSC 503  Graduate Pathophysiology
NSC 502  Epidemiology*
NUR 501  Health Promotion*

Winter Semester
NSC 504  Graduate Pharmacology*
NUR 520  Physical Diagnosis Adult Theory
NUR 595  Research/Theory I

Spring/Summer Semester
NUR 521  Physical Diagnosis Adult Practicum
NUR 596  Research/Theory II

Year Two:
Fall Semester
NUR 524  Mgt Adult Acute/Chronic Theory
NUR 525  Mgt Adult Acute/Chronic Practicum (2)
NUR 597  Research/Theory III

Winter Semester
NUR 507  Dynamics of Family Counseling
NUR 526  Pediatric H&P Theory and Practicum**
NUR 531  Women’s Health Theory & Practicum
NUR 598  Research/Theory IV

Spring/Summer Semester
NUR 525  Mgt Adult Acute/Chronic Practicum (2)
NUR 560  Psychiatric Diagnosis Theory***
NUR 561  Psychiatric Diagnosis Practicum***

Year Three:
Fall Semester
NUR 528  Mgt Pediatric Acute/Chronic Theory **
NUR 529  Mgt Pediatric Acute/Chronic Practicum**
NUR 535  Care of The Older Adult Tapt
NUR 599  Research/Theory V
NUR 570  Individual/Couple/Family Theory***
NUR 571  Individual/Couple/Family Psychotherapy Practicum***

Winter Semester
NUR 510  Office and Minor Emergency Procedures
NUR 540  Advanced Practice Role Theory
NUR 541  Advanced Practice Role Practicum
NUR 580  Group Psychotherapy Theory***

Thesis Requirement:
NUR 594  Thesis Development
Two credits total required. Credits may be taken any time prior or concurrent with NUR 599 .

*NCS 501 , NSC 502 , and NSC 504  may be offered online.
**NUR 526 , NUR 528 , and NUR 529  are required only for students who will sit for the Family Nurse Practitioner certification exam.
***Required for those who will sit for the PMHNP exam and required for those who will sit for the Adult NP Certification exam.