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2007-2009 Catalog 
2007-2009 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration MBA

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  1. Completion of 30-45 credit hours (33-45 for an MBA with a concentration) of graduate-level coursework, as follows:
    1. Foundation courses (12 credit hours).
      MGT 512 , Applied Quantitative Analysis (3)
      MGT 521 , Accounting for Managers (3)
      MGT 541 , Organizational Behavior (3)
      MGT 551 , Business Economics (3)
    2. MBA core courses (24 credit hours).
      MGT 531 , Marketing Management (3)
      MGT 561 , Financial Management (3)
      MGT 571 , Operations Management (3)
      External Environment/Managerial Support/Integrative
      MGT 501 , Interpersonal & Organizational Communication (3)
      MGT 552 , Business and Society (3)
      MGT 581 , Management Information Systems (3)
      MGT 585 , Global Dimensions of Management (3)
      MGT 589 , Strategic Management (3)
    3. Elective/concentration courses (6-9 credit hours).
      General MBA
      At least two MGT electives totaling six (6) credit hours.
      Accounting Concentration

                 a. MGT 527 , MGT 528 .
                 b. One from: MGT 522 , MGT 523 , MGT 525 , MGT 567 ; PUB 523 .
      Finance Concentration
      Three from: MGT 562  , MGT 564 , MGT 565 , MGT 566 , MGT 567 , MGT 568 .
      Health Care Management Concentration
      Three from: HCR 505 , HCR 509 , HCR 525 , HCR 577 .
      International Business Concentration
      ECN 566 ; MGT 536 , ECN 566 .
      Lean Manufacturing Concentration
      MFGO 633, 635, 637. (These courses are offered through Kettering University.)
      Organizational Leadership Concentration
                 a. MGT 549 .
                 b. Two from: MGT 542 , MGT 545 , MGT 573 
  2. All requirements must be completed within seven calendar years of initial enrollment in the program.
  3. An overall grade point average of at least 5.0 is required for program completion. A grade point average of less than 5.0 constitutes a sufficient basis for probationary status and, if the grade point average is not improved, dismissal from the program. Students with probationary status must make progress toward “good standing.” Failure to do so may result in required reduction in the maximum courses the student may enroll in or other actions. Credit toward satisfaction of degree requirements is not granted for courses in which a grade below C (e.g., C-) is received. Courses in which a grade below B is received may be retaken once for credit. In such cases, both the original grade and the grade received when the course is retaken appear on the transcript and are used in determining the student’s grade point average.
  4. Transfer credit is limited to no more than nine credits and must have been completed in the last 7 years with a grade of B or better in graduate courses while enrolled as a graduate student at an AACSB accredited program, and must not be part of another degree. Exceptions to this rule are accepted only in unusual circumstances and then only by approval of the SOM Graduate Programs Committee.
  5. Course waivers for similar undergraduate or graduate course work are limited to foundation courses. Only equivalent courses completed with a grade of B or better and taken as part of a degree program completed within the previous ten years will be considered for waiver. Equivalency is determined by AACSB-International accreditation status of the institution, or by the School of Management Graduate Programs Committee. Waivers reduce the number of credits required to complete the MBA degree. However, completion of a minimum of 30 graduate credit hours (33 for a MBA with a concentration) at the University of Michigan-Flint is required to graduate.

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