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2007-2009 Catalog 
2007-2009 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Early Childhood Concentration MA

This concentration is designed for individuals who currently have or are seeking careers as educators of young children, birth through eight years of age. It focuses on educational issues and practices appropriate for this population. Coursework outside of the concentration strand has been designed to support and enhance the concepts presented. Students select the thesis option (33 credits) or non-thesis option (36 credits). Individuals who wish to pursue a research career, administrative position and/or doctoral degree in education are encouraged to select the thesis option. The program complies with the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The Early Childhood Education concentration is open to individuals who hold elementary teaching certification. Individuals with extensive backgrounds in child development who do not hold an elementary teaching certificate may also be considered for admission. Upon successful completion of the concentration, the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Education (Test Code 82), and a minimum of 150 contact hours with each of two of the three following age groups: infant-toddler, preprimary, and K-3rd grade, graduates with teaching certificates from the State of Michigan will be eligible for a certificate endorsement in early childhood education (coded ZA in Michigan).


  1. Core education courses (6 credits) EDE 500  or EDE 601 ; EDE 670 .
  2. Early childhood education strand (18 credits).
    1. ECE 500 , ECE 522 , ECE 541 , ECE 645 .
    2. Two from: ECE 520 , ECE 649 , ECE 660 , ECE 661 , ECE 662 ; EDE 545 , EDE 580 , EDE 585 ; EDN 510 ; EDR 520 , EDR 530 , ECE 645 .
      Students who do not have the State of Michigan Early Childhood Endorsement (ZA) and who wish to receive it with this degree program must elect two courses from ECE 660 , ECE 661 , ECE 662 . Students who already have the ZA endorsement can elect any 6 credits from the list.
  3. Cognate courses (6 credits).Two from: LIN 520 , LIN 521 ; PSY 500 .
  4. Thesis or non-thesis option (33-36 credits).
    1. Non-thesis option (6 credits). Additional courses listed under A or B2 above, and/or ECE 520  .
    2. Thesis option (3 credits). EDE 698  (prerequisite: completion of at least 24 credit hours).