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2007-2009 Catalog 
2007-2009 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Honors

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The Honors Program of the School of Management offers students of superior ability and demonstrated achievement an opportunity to broaden and enrich their management education. Supplementing and paralleling the regular curriculum, it encourages greater depth and breadth in regular courses and offers independent study and research.


Admission to the Honors Program is by invitation only. A student may be invited to enter the program if any of the following applies:

  1. The student has participated in the Freshman/Sophomore Honors Program.
  2. The student has participated in an Honors Program at another university.
  3. The student is eligible to join the Junior/Senior Honors Program which parallels the second half of the Honors Scholar Program. For further information, see the Honors Advisor in the School of Management.


Admission is selective. Selection is made on the basis of performance in the Freshman/Sophomore Honors Program. A student may also be admitted after establishing a record of superior performance in the regular program.


An honors advisor and an advisor from the BBA program assist the student in planning a challenging and coherent academic program. This program is tailored to the needs and interests of the student.


The School of Management Honors Program builds upon the Freshman/Sophomore University Honors Program but offers greater flexibility and more emphasis on independent study. It includes an opportunity for off-campus study and an honors thesis. Students who complete the program are named Honors Program Scholars, and this is recorded on their transcripts and diplomas.

The honors curriculum consists of all regularly required courses in the chosen concentration and the following:

Junior Year

  1. Junior Honors Seminar (3 credits). In-depth study of philosophical, ethical and/or research issues in business and management. Students may meet this requirement by successfully completing any junior year course or through independent study. An honors course requires regular registration. In addition to meeting the specified course requirements, the honors student plans with the instructor and carries out a study project involving extra work during the semester. Suggested courses include BUS 316  and BUS 359 .
  2. An independent research course. Enrollment for three credits in BUS 391  or BUS 494  under the Senior Research Thesis advisor, to allow the student to plan research for the Senior Research Thesis. During the semester, the student conducts an in-depth literature search and prepares a detailed research plan. A thesis proposal and a budget of expenses to be incurred are prepared for review by the Honors Program Council of the University of Michigan-Flint. If approved, it becomes the plan of action for the Senior Research Thesis.

Senior Year

  1. Off-Campus Research Project. During the summer between the junior and senior years or during the academic year the student has an opportunity for off-campus research. The Senior Research Thesis serves as the focus during the offcampus study period. This period may include study at another institution here or abroad, employment in the intended profession, or independent study. The student ordinarily enrolls for four credits in BUS 495  but may earn additional credits through transfer or independent study.
  2. Senior Research Thesis. On return to the University of Michigan-Flint, the student completes the writing of the thesis under BUS 496 . The criterion for the thesis is that it be of publishable quality. The Honors Scholar presents the completed thesis to a faculty review group, which includes the advisor, a member of the Honors Council, and a member of the School of Management faculty, or where appropriate, an outside department. Each member of the review group has equal responsibility for the evaluation.
  3. Senior Honors Seminar. HON 498  (3 credits) provides students with the opportunity to relate their area of study to other disciplines. The seminar involves reading, discussion, presentations by faculty and students, and oral and written reports.

Honors Electives

The Honors Scholar normally completes 15 credits of honors electives during the four years of college study. At least nine credits must be taken in the freshman and sophomore years. Remaining honors electives are taken during the junior and senior years.

Any course can be an honors elective. The student arranges with the course instructor to provide additional assignments that broaden and deepen the student’s knowledge of the subject area. It is expected that such additional work will go well beyond normal course requirements, typically requiring 15 hours of outside work.

Eight credits of honors electives must be outside the student’s field of concentration but not necessarily outside the School of Management. Students should consider courses in the social sciences, mathematics, and computer science areas which underlie the management sciences.

Honors Scholars must demonstrate, by examination, a reading proficiency in a foreign language.

Honors Program Scholarships

All students in good standing in the program receive financial aid.

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