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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Therapy Post-Professional Clinical Certificates/Credentialed APTA Residency (pending APTA approval)

The Clinical Physical Therapy Certificate program consists of 18 credits of didactic coursework and 6 credits of advanced practicum for ongoing mentoring and clinical advanced practice. Generally, Doctoral-prepared, licensed PT’s can complete the online, didactic requirements of 5 courses with the additional advanced practicum course in 18 to 24 months. The program recognizes the contribution experience plays in developing physical therapy leaders and presents courses with immediate applicability to real world practice.


Clinical Certificate Course Requirements*

One of the following groups of courses, in sequence:

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
PTP 695 - Advanced Physiology in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders.  
PTP 696 - Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Practice.  
PTP 697 - Evidence-Based Plan of Care in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Practice. 
PTP 796 - Case Studies in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary PT.  
PTP 797 - Cardiovascular and Pulmonary PT in the Health Care System.   
Remaining courses TBA

PTP 686 - Advances in the Physiology of Aging in Geriatric Diseases and Disorders. 
PTP 687 - Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes in Geriatric Practice. 
PTP 688 - Evidence-Based Plan of Care in Geriatric Practice. 
PTP 787 - Case Studies in Geriatric PT. 
PTP 788 - Geriatric PT in the Health Care System. 
Remaining courses TBA

PTP 677 - Advances in Neuroscience in Neurologic Diseases and Disorders.   
PTP 678 - Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes in Neurologic Practice. 
PTP 679 - Evidence-Based Plan of Care in Neurologic Practice.  
PTP 777 - Case Studies in Neurologic PT. 
PTP 778 - Neurologic PT in the Health Care System. 
Remaining courses TBA

PTP 674 - Advances in Histology, Anatomy and Kinesiology in Musculoskeletal Diseases & Disorders.  
PTP 675 - Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes in Musculoskeletal Practice. 
PTP 676 - Evidence-Based Plan of Care in Musculoskeletal Practice. 
PTP 775 - Case Studies in Orthopedic PT. 
PTP 776 - Orthopedic PT in the Health Care System. 
Remaining courses TBA

PTP 690 - Advances in Development in Pediatric Diseases and Disorders. 
PTP 691 - Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes in Pediatric Practice. 
PTP 692 - Evidence-Based Plan of Care in Pediatric Practice. 
PTP 790 - Case Studies in Pediatric PT. 
PTP 791 - Pediatric PT in the Health Care System. 
Remaining courses TBA

Credentialed APTA Residency Additional Requirement*

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
PTP 805 - Advanced Practicum in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy.  
PTP 803 - Advanced Practicum in Geriatric Physical Therapy.  
PTP 802 - Advanced Practicum in Neurologic Physical Therapy.  
PTP 801 - Advanced Practicum in Orthopedic Physical Therapy.  
PTP 804 - Advanced Practicum in Pediatric Physical Therapy.  

* Pending approval 

Sequence Requirements
Courses in the online, part-time, Post-Professional Clinical Certificates and Credentialed APTA Residency programs are intended to be taken in a prescribed sequence. It is important for students to recognize that the Post-Professional Clinical Certificate program is not just a series of courses but instead a professional preparation for specialty practice in which appropriate sequence is critical for assuring intended educational outcomes. There are no course transfers or waiver of courses in the Post-Professional Clinical Certificate and Credentialed APTA Residency programs.