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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French Honors Program (BA)

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Prerequisite. Honors election of FRN 212 .*


  1. FRN 291 , FRN 301 , FRN 303 , FRN 309 , FRN 310 , FRN 311  or FRN 314 , FRN 318  or FRN 329  (19 credits).
  2. Three additional credits in language or literature.
  3. FRN 494  (1-3 cr.), to be elected in the junior year.
  4. FRN 495  and FRN 496 , Honors Thesis I and II (4 credits each). FRN 495  may be elected as HON 495  with permission of the Honors Program Advisor.
  5. At least one term or semester of residence or study in a French-speaking country.
  6. Honors reading proficiency in a second foreign language.
  7. Two western civilization or equivalent history courses approved by the advisor, and a course in French history (9 credits).
  8. LIN 200 ; ENG 204 ; ENG 205  or ENG 241 . Additional courses in linguistics and anthropology are strongly recommended.
  9. All requirements of the University Honors Program .
  10. All requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Bachelor of Arts  degree, including General Education requirements  and additional BA distribution requirements. 

Prospective Honors Program students are urged to acquaint themselves as early as possible with the requirements above as well as with the particular procedures for acceptance into the Foreign Language Department’s Honors Program in French. See the departmental honors advisor or the Honors Program Director for this information.

Students in this program are strongly encouraged to study in a French-speaking country. See faculty advisors for recommendations of foreign study programs.

*Students selecting the Honors Program in French are expected to have completed the equivalent of FRN 112 in high school. If not, they must go beyond the 120 credits normally needed to graduate.

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