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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Anesthesia (Doctor of Anesthesia Practice)

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Requirements.  A minimum of 32 credits as shown below.  A grade of B (3.0) or better in each course.

  1. Core courses (16 credits).
    1.  Practice inquiry (3 credits).
    ANE 730 - Evidenced-Based Practice of Nurse Anesthesia. 
    2.  Professional Role/Leadership (3 credits).  One from:
         NUR 840 - Organizational and Administrative Theory. 
         PUB 501 /ANE 601 Administrative Organization and Behavior. 
    3.  Healthcare Improvement, Public and Social Policy (3 credits) One from:
         HCR 505 /ANE 605 - Health Policy.  
         HCR 587 /ANE 687 - Legal Issues in Health Care.  
         NUR 820 - Health Policy and Economics.  
    4.  Technology and Informatics (2 credits).  One from:
         ANE 710 - Technology and Informatics for CRNA.  
         NUR 607 - Informatics. 
    5.  Health Systems Management (3 credits).  One from:
         HCR 577 /ANE 677 - Financial Management in Health Care.  
         HCR 511 /ANE 611 - Economic Applications in Health Administration.  
         HCR 525 /ANE 625 - Contemporary Issues in Health Care Management. 
    6.  Ethics (1-3 credits).
    ANE 720 - Ethical Issues in Nurse Anesthesia. 
  2. Cognates (9 credits).
    Must include a graduate-level methods course specific to the student’s capstone project. Remaining cognate courses selected in consultation with advisor from specific area of interest (e.g., business, education, healthcare administration, etc.).
  3. Capstone sequence (7 credits).  Demonstrated acquisition of advanced knowledge through a project tailored to reflect scholarship in core or elective areas.  The form the project assumes will be determined in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor.  Poster presentations, manuscript, oral presentation, creation of a course, creation of a business plan are possible examples.
         ANE 801 - Capstone Project Design.  
         ANE 802 - Capstone Project Implementation.  
         ANE 803 - Capstone Analysis and Dissemination.  
  4. An overall cumulative grade-point average of B or better in all required courses, with a grade of B (3.0) or better in each course.
  5. Dissemination of the results of the capstone project.  Acceptable methods of dissemination include submission for poster presentation at a state or national (preferred) level professional association meeting, submission of a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed professional journal, or oral presentation in a research/professional symposium.  Other methods require the approval of the program director.
  6. Maintained licensure as a Registered Nurse in at least one state and certification or recertification as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Time Limit to Complete Degree
A student must complete all work toward the program within six consecutive years from the date of first admission to the program. Students may, however, request or petition for an extension of this time limit. Approval of the extension is at the discretion of the program director, in consultation with program faculty. A continued enrollment fee of $250 will be charged during any semester the student is not enrolled in any coursework or capstone course.

Sample Program of Study

Year 1
Fall (6 credits).  HCR 505 /ANE 605  or HCR 587 /ANE 687  or NUR 820 , a 1-credit elective; ANE 710  or NUR 607 
Winter (6 credits). HCR 511 /ANE 611  or HCR 525 /ANE 625  or HCR 577 /ANE 677 ; 3-credit elective.
Spring/Summer (3 credits).  3-credit elective.

Year 2
Fall (6 credits). ANE 801 , 3-credit elective. 
Winter (8 credits).  ANE 730 ANE 802 NUR 840  or PUB 501 .
Spring/Summer (2-5 credits)ANE 720 ANE 803 .

Transfer of Credit

Up to nine (9) semester credit hours of graduate credit completed at an accredited institution may be accepted for transfer. Transfers of credit are subject to the approval of the program director. Requests for transferring additional coursework may be made by submitting a petition to the program director. Petitions are reviewed by the program faculty. 


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