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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing Practice/Business Administration (Dual Doctor of Nursing Practice/Master of Business Administration)

The DNP/MBA is for UM-Flint Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students and graduates with an interest in Business/Healthcare Administration.  The curriculum allows the DNP student or graduate to apply up to 15 specified credits toward both degrees.  The degrees are independent; each is awarded when completed with specified credits accepted for the second degree after the first has been awarded.  The MBA degree is awarded with a concentration in Health Care Management.

These dual program courses are offered in a variety of formats:  online, on-campus, and NetPlus! (online with on-campus sessions every six weeks).

The student applies for admission to both degree programs independently and the GMAT/GRE requirement MBA admission is waived.

Requirements (BSN to DNP:  99-124 credits; MSN to DNP:  54-69 credits).

A.  Professional DNP Core Courses (BSN to DNP:  78-91 credits, depending on certification exam requirements and course waivers; MSN to DNP:  33-36 credits).
See Doctor of Nursing Practice  section of the Catalog for course requirements.

B.  MBA Foundation Courses (3-12 credits).
NUR 601 - Biostatistics for Advanced Practice in Health Care. **1
     ACC 521 - Accounting for Managers. *
     MGT 541 - Organizational Behavior. *
     FIN 551 - Business Economics. *

C.  MBA core courses (24 credits).
     MGT 501 - Organizational Communication and Negotiation. 
     MKT 531 - Marketing Management. 
     MGT 552 - Business and Society. 
     FIN 561 - Financial Management. 
     MGT 571 - Operations Management. 
     NUR 607 - Informatics. **2
     INB 585 - Global Dimensions of Management. 
     MGT 589 - Strategic Management.  

D.  MBA Health Care Management concentration courses (9 credits).
NUR 810 - Advanced Transcultural Care. **
     NUR 820 - Health Policy and Economics. **
     NUR 840 - Organizational and Administrative Theory. **

*Can be waived if previous equivalent or similar undergraduate or graduate coursework has been completed.
**Fulfills requirements in both the DNP and MBA programs.
1 Fulfills the MGT 512  requirement for MBA students.
2 Fulfills the MGT 581  requirement for MBA students.