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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Communication (Master of Arts)

Requirements.  Thirty-three credits as follows:

  1. Core courses (6 credits).
    COM 501 - Applied Communication Theory.  
    COM 502 - Applied Communication Research Methods.  
  2. Skills courses (9 credits).
    COM 510 - Group Communication and Collaboration.  
    COM 511 - Leadership as a Communication Phenomenon.  
    COM 512 - Communication Consulting and Training.  
  3. Analysis courses (9 credits).
    COM 620 - Case Studies in Communication Technologies and Interfaces.  
    COM 621 - Case Studies in Persuasion.  
    COM 622 - Case Studies in Communication, Culture, and Difference.  
  4. Application courses (6 credits).
    COM 530 - Capstone I.  
    COM 630 - Capstone II.  
  5. Cognate (3 credits).
    COM 540 - Advanced Skills in Communication Technologies.  (1-3 credits/semester).

Transfer Policy
Because of the cohort-nature of this program, transfer credits will be granted only under exceptionally rare circumstances.  Up to six (6) semester credit hours of graduate credit completed at an accredited institution may be accepted for transfer.  Transfer of credit is subject to the approval of the program director.  Requests for transferring additional coursework may be made by submitting a petition to the program director.  Petitions will be reviewed by the program director.