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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Conservation of Art and Architecture Minor

This minor prepares students for entry into a program in art conservation/restoration and/or museum studies at the Master’s level.  Students learn about the historical and material properties of artworks and/or monuments in order to enter into a field that (through additional graduate study) prepares them for many careers in arts institutions that relate to the authentication, transport, restoration, conservation and display of artworks and artifacts.  The curriculum is focused on interdisciplinary preparedness and exposure to areas of study required for entrance into most conservation programs.


Major in art history, fine arts or anthropology; or major in history or chemistry and ARH 111 , ARH 112 , and ANT 110 .


  1. Art and art history (12 credits).
    1. ART 130 , ARH 313 ; one from:  ARH 419 , ARH 421 , ARH 423 .
    2. A course in anthropology, archaeology or art history at the 300 level or above, outside the intended area of specialization in conservation and chosen in consultation with the anthropology or art history advisor.
  2. Chemistry (16 credits).
  3. Students are strongly encouraged to undertake an internship in the major of relevance to conservation/restoration, either for credit or on a volunteer basis.