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2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing (Master of Science in Nursing)

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Note: This program is currently not accepting new students. As of Fall 2009, students will be admitted to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program (see DNP section of Catalog). MSN Students admitted prior to Fall 2009 and in good academic standing will continue in the MSN curriculum as planned.

Admission Requirements
For Students with a BSN

  • 3 or more credits of college level chemistry (C+ or better)
  • College level statistics (C+ or better)
  • Current Michigan RN license
  • Written statement of professional philosophy
  • Written statement of goals
  • 3 letters of selected professional references
  • Interview with Graduate Faculty
  • 3.0 Undergraduate GPA

For Students who do not have a BSN degree, in addition

  • Letter of Intent
  • Undergraduate Research*
  • Undergraduate Bioethics*
  • Basic Health Assessment*
  • NUR 300 *
  • NUR 410 *

*Grade of B or better required.

Part-Time Curriculum

A minimum of 40 credits is required to complete the MSN:
ANP-40 credits, FNP-49 credits, PMHNP- 53 credits.

Year One
Fall Semester
NSC 503  Graduate Pathophysiology
NSC 502  Epidemiology*
NUR 501  Health Promotion*

Winter Semester
NSC 504  Graduate Pharmacology*
NUR 520  Physical Diagnosis Adult Theory
NUR 595  Research/Theory I

Spring/Summer Semester
NUR 521  Physical Diagnosis Adult Practicum
NUR 596  Research/Theory II

Year Two
Fall Semester
NUR 524  Mgt Adult Acute/Chronic Theory
NUR 525  Mgt Adult Acute/Chronic Practicum (2)
NUR 597  Research/Theory III

Winter Semester
NUR 507  Dynamics of Family Counseling
NUR 526  Pediatric H&P Theory and Practicum**
NUR 531  Women’s Health Theory & Practicum
NUR 598  Research/Theory IV

Spring/Summer Semester
NUR 525  Mgt Adult Acute/Chronic Practicum (2)
NUR 560  Psychiatric Diagnosis Theory***
NUR 561  Psychiatric Diagnosis Practicum***

Year Three
Fall Semester
NUR 528  Mgt Pediatric Acute/Chronic Theory **
NUR 529  Mgt Pediatric Acute/Chronic Practicum**
NUR 535  Care of The Older Adult Tapt
NUR 599  Research/Theory V
NUR 570  Individual/Couple/Family Theory***
NUR 571  Individual/Couple/Family Psychotherapy Practicum***

Winter Semester
NUR 510  Office and Minor Emergency Procedures
NUR 540  Advanced Practice Role Theory
NUR 541  Advanced Practice Role Practicum
NUR 580  Group Psychotherapy Theory***

Thesis Requirement
NUR 594  Thesis Development
Two credits total required. Credits may be taken any time prior or concurrent with NUR 599 .

*NUR 501 , NSC 502 , and NSC 504  may be offered online.
**NUR 526 , NUR 528 , and NUR 529  are required only for students who will sit for the Family Nurse Practitioner certification exam.
***Required for those who will sit for the PMHNP exam and required for those who will sit for the Adult NP Certification exam.

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