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2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work General Program (BSW)

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Requirements for Admission

Students must show evidence of suitability for the profession of social work and the ability to complete successfully the social work program.  Application forms are available in the department office, and students are encouraged to apply to the program in the winter semester of the 2nd year.  Admission decisions are based on evidence provided through:

  1. Application to the program after completion of a minimum of 45 semester hours.
  2. A minimum grade point average of 2.4.
  3. At least two letters of reference provided on letterhead detailing scholarly potential, general character, and potential for social work practice. If the student transfers from another social work program, one letter should be from a faculty member associated with the program.
  4. Satisfactory evidence of pre-established commitment to social welfare, through, for example, appropriate volunteer experience or employment experience.
  5. A two to four page personal statement of interest regarding motivation and goals for seeking undergraduate social work education and evidence of suitability and fitness for the profession of social work and the ability to complete the undergraduate social work program.
  6. Successful completion of SWR 100 and an additional course in social work with grades of C (2.0) or better.

The BSW program is inteded to meet the needs of students who intend to prepare for professional generalist social work practice at the bachelor level, those who seek eligibility to register for the state licensure exam and/or advanced standing for graduate study in social work.

The four-year program leading to the BSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and is subject to its accreditation standards.  Continued enrollment and subsequent graduation with a CSWE-accredited BSW degree is contingent on sustained success in meeting course objectives, which are measured in affective, behavioral and cognitive domains and referenced to professional standards of competency.  Furthermore, student violation of the NASW Code of Ethics or inability to meet or comply with explicit competencies of the program is basis for dismissal from the program.

The 124-credit program includes 60 credits of social work and related courses, in addition to an approved list of cognate and elective courses, which should be individually selected in consultation with a Social Work departmental advisor.  It is strongly recommended that 300-level courses in social work, substance abuse treatment and criminal justice be taken in the junior year, and that 400-level courses in social work be taken in the senior year.

Prerequisites. SOC 100 ; PSY 100 ; BIO 104  or equivalent; EHS 120  (preferred) or ENG 112 , EHS 220 .

Requirements. Seventy-three credits as follows:

  1. Pre-professional block (35 credits).
         1.  SWR 100 SWR 240 , SWR 270 , SWR 300 , SWR 301 , SWR 302 ; SOC 354  (21 credits).
         2.  Field of practice A.  CRJ 185  or SAT 202 .
         3.  Field of practice B.  One from SWR 325 , SWR 327 , SWR 330 SWR 335 , SWR 338 .
         4.  Six credits in cognate or elective courses approved by the advisor.
  2. Social Sciences (9 credits).  One from each area:
    1. Diversity.  SOC 270 , SOC 474 AFA 359  / SOC 359 HCR 362 ; ANT 378  / WGS 378 .
    2. Urban context.  ANT 340 ; SOC 340 SWR 304 
    3. Individual in social context. PSY 315 SOC 220 , SOC 325 ; SWR 320  / AGE 320 SWR 336 .
  3. Professional Block (29 credits).
    Students must be admitted to the program and to the field placement sequence in order to begin the professional block: 
    SWR 340 SWR 360 SWR 440 , SWR 441 , SWR 460 , SWR 461 SWR 470 , SWR 490 .
  4. All UM-Flint graduation requirements, including the general education requirements  of the School of Education and Human Services (SEHS) .

Sample Calendar

1st year (31-32 credits)
ENG 111 , EHS 120  (recommended) or ENG 112 BIO 104 , SOC 100 PSY 100 SWR 100 SWR 121 , general education first year experience, three additional general education courses (HIS 221 POL 120  recommended).

2nd year (32 credits) 
EHS 220 ; SWR 240  & lab, SWR 270 , & lab; required Diversity course; SOC 354 ; two additional general education courses (PHL 103   or PHL 162   or PHL 202  and a natural science/technology course recommended) one semester; three additional general education/elective courses the other (a course in fine arts, in literature/humanites, or an international experience recommended). 

3rd year (35 credits)
SWR 300 , SWR 301 , SWR 302 , SWR 340  & lab, SWR 360  required Urban Context course; required Individual in Context course; required course in each Field of Practice A and B; two approved elective/cognate courses.

4th year (26-27 credits)
SWR 440 , SWR 441 , SWR 460 , SWR 461 SWR 470 , SWR 490 ; an approved elective/cognate course.

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