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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Radiation Therapy Program (BS)

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A minimum of 124 credits, as follows:

A. General Education and Pre-Professional Courses

All General Education requirements  and pre-professional courses below must be completed with a minimum grade of C (2.0), except for those marked with asterisks (**), for which a minimum grade of B- (2.7) is required. These courses may be taken at UM-Flint, or equivalent courses may be transferred from another accredited institution. In some instances, specific courses may be waived in consultation with the Program Director.

First Year Experience

Students entering the university with fewer than 25 transfer credit hours must fulfill the FYE requirement within their first academic year.

Global Studies

Three credits, selected by student; recommended:

Fine Arts

Three credits, selected by the student.

Health and Well Being

3 credits satisfied by program requirements

Math/Finance and Quantitative Literacy

Three credits, satisfied by program requirements.


Students must complete a minimum of sixteen hours of observation in a Radiation Therapy Department. Students must be at least 18 years old. All clinic observation hours will be arranged through the Program Director.


Acceptance to the University of Michigan-Flint and completion of the supplemental Radiation Therapy program application. Application for general admission may be completed online at www.umflint.edu.


Three references, one from an individual actively involved in the applicant’s educational process, i.e., instructor, advisor, mentor; one from the current supervisor at the applicant’s place of employment; and one from an individual commenting on the applicant’s character. The Radiation Therapy program’s supplemental application is available at www.umflint.edu/pubhealth/radiationtherapy.


Prior to beginning the clinical component of the program, the student is required to have a complete physical exam. Immunizations must be up-to-date and documented on the physical form by a physician. Students must document current CPR certification and maintain CPR certification while in the program. The physical form can be downloaded from the program website www.umflint.edu/pubhealth/radiationtherapy. The student must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Have sufficient strength to assist patients in transferring from a wheelchair or stretcher to the treatment couch. This will involve lifting at times.
  2. Have sufficient strength, coordination and dexterity to lift and position cerrobend blocks, electron cones and wedges up to 45 pounds to a height of 5’5”.
  3. Have sufficient visual acuity to set machine field size, set monitor units on the machines, align treatment fields in dimly lit room, place blocks, review radiographs, view port films and monitor patients on a close-circuit television during treatment.
  4. Have sufficient auditory capability to hear warning bells in the treatment rooms and hospital fire alarms, as well as to monitor patients during treatment.
  5. Be capable of effective and concise verbal communication with patients, their families and other health care workers.
  6. Be physically, intellectually and emotionally able to respond to emergency situations, providing first aid, CPR and patient care until a physician or nurse arrives.
  7. Be capable of handling stressful situations, making informed decisions and giving emotional support to patients and their families.
  8. Be capable of understanding and applying clinical instructions given from departmental personnel.


Pre-Professional Courses and General Requirements

Professional Program

Once admitted into the program the student must earn a minimum grade of a B- (2.7) in all RTT courses.

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