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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Journalism General Program (BA)

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The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Program prepares students for careers in news media. The program encompasses a series of journalism foundation, theory and history courses that emphasize reporting, writing and presenting community news in textual, audio and video formats online. Students develop knowledge and skills allowing them to seek truth and report it, within ethical and legal constraints, in order to serve the community. All journalism majors complete an internship and produce a senior portfolio.

Requirements. Completion of 120 credit hours, as follows:

  1. Core courses (22 credits).
    JRN 225 , JRN 325 , JRN 350 , JRN 375 , JRN 425 ; COM 241 , COM 331 .
  2. Electives (18 credits).
    Additional JRN and COM courses.
  3. Cognate (12 credits).
    To increase the student’s ability to understand and apply Journalism and to understand its interdisciplinary nature, a block of courses outside the Journalism and Communication programs, in one or more disciplines, chosen with the approval of the student’s advisor. These may be included in a second major or minor.
  4. All requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)  Bachelor of Arts degree, including distribution requirements in addition to general education requirements .

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