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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual MBA and MS in Computer Science and Information Systems

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Through cross-recognition of courses between the MBA and MS in Computer Science and Information Systems program, this dual master’s program requires nine fewer credits than if the degrees were completed independently of each other. The program leads to two degrees: a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science and Information Systems with a concentration in Information Systems.

This dual master’s program is available in a traditional, on-campus format or through a format that combines the Management courses in the NetPlus! format (online with on-campus sessions every six weeks) with the Computer Science and Information Systems courses in the multi-media Cyber Classroom format (tailored to the student’s, needs from completely online to completely on-campus).

 Requirements (51-60 credits for general MBA, 54-66 for the MBA with a concentration).

A.  MBA foundation courses (0-12 credits)*.
     MGT 512 - Applied Quantitative Analysis.  (3)
     MGT 521 - Accounting for Managers.  (3)
     MGT 541 - Organizational Behavior.  (3)
     MGT 551 - Business Economics.  (3)
     *Courses can be waived if previous equivalent or similar undergraduate or graduate coursework has been completed.

B.  MBA core courses (24 credits).
     MGT 501 - Interpersonal and Organizational Communication.  (3)
     MGT 531 - Marketing Management.  (3)
     MGT 552 - Business and Society.  (3)
     MGT 561 - Financial Management.  (3)
     MGT 571 - Operations Management.  (3)
     MGT 581 - Management Information Systems.  (3)
     MGT 585 - Global Dimensions of Management.  (3)
     MGT 589 - Strategic Management.  (3)

C.  Management Information Systems (3 credits).
     MGT 581 - Management Information Systems.  or CIS 510 - Information Systems.  (automatically double-counted)

D.  Computer Science and Information Systems core courses (12 credits).
CSC 535 - Advanced Computer Networking.  (3)
CSC 565 - Computer System Architecture.  (3)
CSC 575 - Algorithm and Complexity Analysis.  (3)
CSC 582 - Advanced Database Concepts and Emerging Applications.  (3)

E.  Information Systems Track (9 credits).  Three from:
     CIS 520 - Knowledge Management in Information Systems.  (3)
     CIS 530 - Information Storage and Retrieval.  (3)
     CIS 550 - Decision Support Systems.  (3)
     CSC 549 - Ethics and Security Management.  (3)
     CSC 580 - Advanced Software Engineering.  (3)

F.  Electives (3-9 credits).
Electives approved by advisors in each program.  Students are urged to speak with an advisor to determine the total number of electives necessary, as it varies dependent on MBA foundation course waivers, whether or not an MBA concentration is sought, whether the degrees are pursued separately or simultaneousley, and the order in which degrees are pursued (if done separately).     



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