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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology Honors Program (BS)

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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gary Pace

The Honors Program in Biology seeks to provide exceptional students an opportunity for formal academic recognition in a program even more rigorous than the curriculum required of other biology students.

Students considering this Honors Program should consult with the Biology Department’s honors advisor as soon as possible after being admitted to the University Freshman/Sophomore Honors Scholar Program. This facilitates the planning of the student’s program. The importance of this early consultation should not be underestimated. There is very little room for error in planning a schedule of courses that permits breadth while requiring rigor.

Students should plan to fulfill some of their requirements with courses taken during spring or summer terms.

Applications to the Honors Program in Biology should be made early in the second semester of the sophomore year after completing the prerequisites. Procedures for application to this program can be obtained from the biology honors advisor.

Prerequisites. For admission into the program students must have completed the following coursework and obtained an agreement from a faculty member to mentor them in preparation for their off campus experience and their honors thesis.

  1. Honors requirements as prescribed by the University Honors Scholars Program  (Phase One) in this Catalog.
  2. BIO 111 , BIO 113 , BIO 326 , BIO 327 , BIO 328 . Two of these courses should be elected as honors elections. See definition of honors elections under University Honors Scholar Program in this Catalog.
  3. CHM 260 , CHM 261 , CHM 262 , CHM 265 .
  4. MTH 121 .


  1. All requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) , including general education requirements.
  2. Completion of the requirements for one of the Biology Bachelor of Science degrees: General Biology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, or Wildlife Biology.
  3. Completion of all requirements of the University Honors Scholars Program .
  4. BIO 301  in preparation for off-campus research project. (May count toward required elective biology credits).
  5. BIO 491 , BIO 493 , BIO 494 . (To be completed by the end of the junior year under supervision of biology faculty mentor in preparation for off-campus experience. May count toward required elective biology credits).
  6. BIO 495 , BIO 496 

For further information see the section entitled “University Honors Scholars Program ” in this Catalog.

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