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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual MBA and MA in Social Sciences

Through cross-recognition of courses between the MBA and MA in Social Sciences program, this dual master’s program requires six fewer credits than if the degrees were completed independently of each other. The program leads to two degrees: a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in International Business and a Master of Arts (MA) in Social Sciences with a concentration in Global Studies.

This dual master’s program is available in a traditional, on-campus format. Students pursuing the NetPlus! MBA format will need to take the non-MGT courses in the format offered (likely on campus).

Requirements (57-69 credits).

A.  MBA foundation courses (0-12 credits)*.
MGT 512 - Applied Quantitative Analysis.   
     MGT 521 - Accounting for Managers.   
MGT 541 - Organizational Behavior.  
     MGT 551 - Business Economics.   
     *Courses can be waived if previous equivalent or similar undergraduate or graduate coursework has been completed.

B.  MBA core courses (24 credits).
MGT 501 - Organizational Communication and Negotiation.   
MGT 531 - Marketing Management.   
MGT 552 - Business and Society.   
MGT 561 - Financial Management.   
MGT 571 - Operations Management.   
MGT 581 - Management Information Systems.   
MGT 585 - Global Dimensions of Management.   
MGT 589 - Strategic Management.   

C.  Social Science core curriculum (15 credits).
     SSC 501 - Social Theory.   
     SSC 502 - Political Economy.   
     SSC 503 - Gender, Race and Inequalities.   
     SSC 504 - World Historiography.   
     SSC 591 - Capstone Seminar.   

D.  Global Studies/International Business concentrations, cognate and electives (18 credits).
ECN 566 - The Global Economy.   
MGT 536 - International and Global Marketing Management.    
MGT 566 - International and Global Financial Management.    
     (MGT 536  or MGT 566  will be double-counted).
     Plus 3 additional electives from the Global Studies concentration of the Social Sciences Program. (9)