Jul 07, 2020  
2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Concentration in Finance

Objectives. The Finance concentration prepares students for professional careers in the fields of corporate finance, banking and financial institutions, and investment.

The curriculum emphasizes developing an understanding of these three areas of finance through courses on forecasting, portfolio theory and security analysis, options and futures markets, accounting, money and banking, management of working capital, and management of financial institutions.

Finance faculty members are available to consult with students wishing to pursue careers in any of the above-mentioned areas.

Requirements. In addition to the requirements for the BBA degree , at least 18 additional credits as follows:

  1. At least five from: BUS 363 BUS 365 BUS 461 ,  BUS 463 BUS 466 BUS 468 .
  2. At most one from: BUS 316 , BUS 321 BUS 394 *, BUS 467 ECN 314 ; MTH 378 .
    *Internship must be in the area of finance.