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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Administration 2 + 2 Program (BA)

The 2 + 2 Program in Public Administration leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in public administration for graduates of two-year programs in specified areas of public service. These areas include community education directors’ curriculum, court reporting, criminal justice, fire protection, food service management, gerontology, paralegal technology, recreation leadership, and social work technician.

Requirements for Admission

Completion of an associate’s degree from a two-year college in which at least 16 transferable semester hour credits are applicable to the University of Michigan-Flint general education requirements.

Transfer of Credit

  1. May not exceed 62 semester credits earned in an Associate’s degree program approved by the University of Michigan-Flint public administration faculty. Specifically approved professional courses not normally transferable into a liberal arts program may be included in the 62 hours of transfer credit. A list of these courses is available from the Admissions and Recruitment Office.
  2. Is permitted only for courses in which the final grade earned was at least a C.

Degree Requirements. Completion of all requirements for the General Program in Public Administration General Program (BA) , with the exception that the practicum is waived for students who have completed a practicum as part of their associate’s degree.