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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Certification Program (MAC) (Masters of Arts)

The Master of Arts with Secondary Certification (MAC) Program Specializing in Small, Urban High School is designed to be an exemplary program in the field of clinically-based teacher preparation. Collaboratively designed and delivered by practicing teachers and university faculty, the program meets the challenges of providing intensive training and experience to those who will teach in the most intensive and challenging environments. The 45-46 credit program is designed to be completed in two academic years.

As part of the teacher candidate’s preparation, University faculty members work with UM-Flint MAC teacher candidates and coordinate with the teacher candidate’s cooperating teacher and on-site school administrators. The teacher candidate’s teaching abilities are observed and cultivated throughout their teaching rotations by both University faculty and the cooperating teachers. Course seminars accompanying field work are offered through a mixture of online (Blackboard) and in-person meetings held on-site at participating small urban high schools.


Fall Year 1 
EDT 501 - Using Technology in Education.   
EDS 500 - Developmental Psychology for Secondary Education.    
EDN 510 - Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom.   
EDS 515 - Urban Education.   (1 credit)

Winter Year 1 
EDE 540 - Classroom Management.    
EDS 530 - Teaching Numeracy Across the Curriculum.    
EDR 548 - Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas.   
EDS 515 - Urban Education.   (1 credit)

Spring/Summer Year 1 
EDR 541 - Assessment-Based Literacy Instruction in Secondary Classrooms.   
EDE 670 - Research Seminar.   
EDS 515 - Urban Education.   (1 credit)

Fall Year 2
EDS 669 - Student Teaching.   
EDS 699 - Student Teaching Seminar.   (2 credits)
EDS 520 - Mathematics for Secondary Education.   or EDS 547 - Teaching English in Middle and Secondary Schools.     

Winter Year 2
EDS 669 - Student Teaching.   
EDS 699 - Student Teaching Seminar.   (2 credits)