Jul 03, 2020  
2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science Program (BS/MS)


A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in computer science courses is required for acceptance into the BS/MS program.  The student interested in the BS/MS program should apply at the start of the junior year.  Upon completion of the requirements for the BS portion of the program, the student is awarded the BS in Computer Science degree.  Upon completion of the remaining 21 credits in the MS in CSIS program, the student is awarded the MS degree.


  1. All requirements of the College of Arts and Science Bachelor of Science  degree, including the general education requirements .
  2. All requirements of the Computer Science General Program (BS)  with the exception that the 27 credits within the track option shall include 9 credits at the graduate level.  Track option courses shall be determined in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor.
  3. To complete the requirements for the Computer Science concentration of the Master of Science in Computer Science the student completes 21 additional graduate credits after the 124 credits required for the BS in Computer Science.