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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The DPT/MBA is for UM-Flint Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students and graduates with an interest in Business/Healthcare Administration and/or Private Practice. The curriculum allows the DPT student or graduate to apply up to 15 specified credits toward both degrees. The degrees are independent; each is awarded when completed with specified credits accepted for the second degree after the first has been awarded. The MBA degree is awarded with a concentration in Health Care Management.

These dual program courses are offered in a variety of formats: in online, on-campus, and the NetPlus! format (online with on-campus sessions every six weeks).

The student applies for admission to both degree programs independently. The GRE is required for admission to the DPT program. Thus, the DPT student does not have to complete the GMAT/GRE for admission to the MBA program.

Requirements (143-152 credits)

A. Professional DPT Core Courses (119 credits).
    See Doctor of Physical Therapy section of catalog for course requirements for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program .
B. MBA Foundation Courses (3-12 credits)
    PTP 560 - Research Methods. **1
    ACC 521 - Accounting for Managers. *
    MGT 541 - Organizational Behavior. 
    MGT 551 - Business Economics. *2

   *Course can be waived if previous equivalent or similar undergraduate or graduate coursework has been completed
   1 This requirement fulfills the MGT 512  requirement for MBA students.
   2 This requirement will be waived by physical therapy students who have taken ECN 201  and ECN 202  or their equivalents.

C. MBA core courses (24 credits).
    MGT 501 - Organizational Communication and Negotiation.    
    MGT 531 - Marketing Management. 
    MGT 552 - Business and Society. 
    MGT 561 - Financial Management. 
    MGT 571 - Operations Management. 
    MGT 581 - Management Information Systems. 
    MGT 585 - Global Dimensions of Management. 
    MGT 589 - Strategic Management. 

D. MBA Health Care Management concentration courses (9 credits).
    PTP 564 - Clinical Observation Skills and Communication. **
    PTP 580 - Professionalism and Ethics. **
    PTP 585 - Therapeutic Relationships and Cultural Competency. **
    PTP 792 - Management in Physical Therapy Practice. **

**Fulfills requirements in both the DPT and MBA programs.