Aug 14, 2022  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geography, Planning and Environment (GPE)

516 William R. Murchie Science Building
(810) 762-3355

Chair: Randall Repic
Administrative Support Staff:
Public Relations and Advising: Carly Byrne
Personnel/Course Scheduling: Denise M. Taft
Financial/Budget: Leigh Fletcher

Professors Martin M. Kaufman, Randall Repic; Associate Professors Victoria Morckel, Greg Rybarczyk; Lecturer Garry Green

Emeritus Faculty Richard Hill-Rowley, William M. Marsh.

Geography, Planning and Environment is the study of earth environments. Several related fields, including geography, geology, planning, hydrology, and environmental science, are united by a common interest in the spatial nature of earth environments, how they are changed by natural and human forces, and how they can be planned and managed for the future.

Degree programs are designed to lead to careers in fields such as environmental management, planning, teaching, landscape architecture, resource management, remote sensing, GIS, computer mapping, and to prepare students for graduate study.

Department Mission and Program Assessment

The mission of the Geography, Planning and Environment Department is to develop an environment for disseminating information, engaging in experimentation and research, and empowering student-based learning. As part of the larger mission of the College of Arts and Sciences, GPE offers courses and degree programs enabling graduates to make meaningful contributions to the research and resolution of environmental and urban problems as citizens, teachers, and professionals. The Department participates in the University wide effort to assess its academic programs. Information on assessment plans, including goals, methods and outcomes is available at


The Croner Scholarship Program provides assistance to qualified students in physical geography. A scholarship from the Flint Rock and Gem Club provides assistance to students with geological interests. The M.A. & C.M. Younes scholarship is available for those students demonstrating outstanding community involvement. Teaching assistantships are also available to students completing degree work in Geography, Planning and Environment programs.