Oct 06, 2022  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science (POL)

220 David M. French Hall
(810) 762-3470

Chair: Peggy Kahn
Administrative Support Staff:
Public Relations and Advising
: Sheena Lewis and Audrey Beauchesne
Personnel/Course Scheduling: Suzanne Shivnen
Financial/Budget: Karri Spoelstra


Professor Peggy Kahn (David M. French Professor); Associate Professors Dauda Abubakar, Jason Kosnoski; Assistant Professors Daniel Hummel, Jeremiah Wade-Olson; Lecturers Kevin Lorentz,  Derwin S. Munroe, Kimberly Saks-McManaway 

Professors Emeriti Peter Gluck, Ellis Perlman, Albert C. Price, John Schroeder

Political Science includes the study of political institutions and power relations in society, focusing particularly but not exclusively on states (governments) and broad publics.  It studies political life through a number of different approaches:  institutional, legal, historical, behavioral, philosophical, sociological, and political-economic.  It employs a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods.  Its scope is broad, including not only the United States but also other countries and global institutions and processes. 

Political Science programs prepare students to work in government and politics, public policy, non-profits, and private industry.  They offer curriculum relevant to work at local, state, national and global levels.  They prepare students for graduate study in a variety of fields, including law, public administration, public policy, education, public health, and academic social sciences.  The Department supports lifelong community and civic engagement and active citizenship.   


Academic Internship in Public Agencies and Community Organizations

220 David M. French Hall
(810) 762-3470

Coordinator: Jeremiah Wade Olson (Political Science)

The internship in Public and Community Affairs is a for-credit course with a substantial field experience, an on-campus seminar, and a faculty-guided short paper related to the placement.  It provides internships in a wide variety of public sector and community-based organizations and projects.  It offers experience in a practical work setting where students are able to use and further develop their general reading, writing, communicating, and thinking skills and substantive knowledge.         

Department Mission 

The Department’s mission is to help students develop skills of critical thinking and analysis that will enable them to understand political institutions and processes locally, nationally and globally.  The Department also aims to empower students to engage in informed, thoughtful, and effective ways in public life.