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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Program (BBA)

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School of Management (SOM) information   

Admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration Program (BBA) in any of the eight majors in Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Finance, General Business, International Business, Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, and Operations and Supply Chain Management requires:

  • Successful completion of the following 12 pre-business courses or their transfer equivalents: BUS 110, 115, 250, ACC 201, 202, SCM 211, ECN 201, 202, MTH 111 or placement into a higher level MTH course, ENG 112, ENG/COM 338, PSY 100 or SOC 100,
  • At least a 2.2 overall grade point average, and
  • Attendance at a required orientation session

While any student can declare a pre-business major upon admission to the University, enrollment in all 300 and 400 level courses in business is restricted to students who are admitted to the BBA program, those minoring in any business discipline, and those in programs that list business courses as either requirements or electives. Application information is available on the School of Management website and offices and can be found on the University’s SIS system at www.umflint.edu/sis.  Applications are accepted each semester by deadlines set by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Admission is guaranteed if the above requirements are met. Students can apply while registered for some of the pre-business courses listed above. If they fail to maintain the requirements prior to the start of the first term as BBA student, they will be administratively dropped from 300 and 400 level business courses they already registered and returned to pre-business major.


C. Business Major Courses (18 credits)

Additional requirements for one of the following majors:

D. Current Business Topics (6 credits)

Six credits in: 

E. Career Development Activities

Required of all students except those with substantial professional experience, who may be granted a waiver.


Completion of online tutorials and submission of final work in each of the following areas:

  • networking
  • resume writing
  • interviewing
  • job searches
  • business etiquette

Additional Career Activities

Activities are assigned point values as indicated below; a minimum of 30 points is required.

Practical Experience

  • An internship and corresponding election of ACC/BUS/EIM/FIN/INB/MGT/MKT/SCM 294 or 394 (20 points)
  • Participation in another extensive practical experience program, such as VITA (20 points)

Other Activities

Activities must be documented at formassembly, and may be repeated to a maximum of 10 points per activity. Other activities may be considered; consult the SOM student service coordinator.

  • Attending a university or non-university professional development events (5 points)
  • Attending an employer networking, meet-and-greet event, e.g. Inside the Industry, International Forum, Employer Marketplace, specific company open houses (5 points)
  • Attending a student research or professional conference (5 points)
  • Participating in a student research or professional conference (10 points)
  • Meeting with an employer-in-residence (2.5 points)
  • Attending an alumni speaker event (5 points)
  • Participating in a school trip to a company (5 points)
  • Attending a panel discussion with company representatives (5 points)
  • Attending a SOM event involving the business community, e.g. Economic forum, Hagerman Center event (5 points)
  • Attending a University Innovation Incubator event or SIL professional seminar (5 points)
  • Attending a local chamber of commerce event, e.g. Lunch on Us (5 points)
  • Joining a professional organization related to the major, e.g. MICPA, SHRM (5 points)
  • Participating in a resume reviewing meeting with the student services coordinator (5 points)
  • Participating in a job/internship fair, including interviews (5 points)
  • Participating in a mock interview (5 points)
  • Learning a foreign language using Rosetta Stone (2.5 points/hour)
  • Developing skills in a business discipline-related software, e.g. Bloomberg, Morningstar, Palo Alto business development, CESIM global strategy, MS expression, MyOMLab, FASB codification database, SAM simulation, etc. (2.5 points/hour)
  • Utilizing resources in the SOM Student Professional Development Center (2.5 points/hour)
  • Attending a business school student or SIL organization event (5 points)
  • Serving in a leadership role in a student organization (10 points)
  • ETS Business exam (points based on ETS exam score up to 7. 5 points, 2. 5 pts for each quartile starting with 2nd quartile)

F. Additional Requirements

  • Minimum grade point averages of 2.0 in the major area, 2.0 in all courses taken in the School of Management, and 2.0 in college work overall.
  • All School of Management General Education requirements
  • Transfer of credits at the 300-400 level is limited to AACSB-accredited institutions and those that have articulation agreements with UM-Flint.


Minimum Credits for the Degree: 120 credits

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